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Each and every device we install comes with not just one warranty, but three! Firstly, you get a 10 year manufacturers workmanship warranty on the system. Secondly, you get a 25 year performance warranty. And finally, we thought we’d chuck in our own lifetime workmanship guarantee.


Accredited solar Specialists

We are certified solar installers, so every part of the installation is done by us. Unlike some in this industry, we never sub-contract. Our very own specialists will be with you every step of the way to ensure your system is selected, installed and performs as it should.


Master electricians

As certified Master Electricians we are trusted to provide expert service in fault diagnosis, repairs and installations for all your electrical needs. Installing a solar system requires more than solar knowledge, every system is different and so is every electrical set up.


long-term savings

Australia has the highest solar radiation per square metre of any content in the world. Solar panels allow you to harness this free source of energy. Depending on the solar system we install you could see savings on your annual electric bills of over 70% and the panels can pay themselves off in as little as 3 years. Every home is different and so are your needs, get in contact for a personalised quote and predicted savings.


save our planet

Our planet is our home and unfortunately it is well publicised that we are killing it. With fossil fuels due to run out in the next 50 years and, if not reversed, major climate events are forecast to change life as we know it. We must act now to remove our dependance on the fuels that are slowly ruining the place we call home. This is where Solar comes in and it really is a win-win. After a worthy initial investment, you begin helping save the planet while saving those hard-earned dollars.


government rebates

The Queensland government also supports Solar. In 2018 they offered 3,500 interest free loans for solar and the same is likely for 2019. The maximum loan is $4500 and is repayable over 7 years. That works out at approximately $54 per month when taking out the maximum loan, which is well under the average electricity bill. You are also able to combine this $4500 loan with cash if you wish to spend more on your system. Going solar has never been so easy.


Solar Panel Repairs

Having trouble with your solar system? Be it fitted by us or another supplier our team of accredited solar experts can help get things back up and running.


Solar Panel Replacements

Whether it’s an old or below standard system we can help you every step of the way. Our team will assist you in claiming through your warranty or insurance and ensure your old system is replaced with our premium guaranteed system. Get in contact to find out more.