Infinity Cable Recall

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Electrical retailers and wholesalers have recalled Infinity and Olsent-branded electrical cables. Physical contact with the recalled cables could dislodge the insulation and lead to electric shock or fires.

The cables were supplied in:
• NSW - 2010-2013
• ACT - 2011-2013
• Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia - 2012-2013
• Tasmania - 2013.
• Recall progress reports indicate that up to 22,000 homes, commercial and residential buildings in Australia could be affected.

A taskforce of consumer agencies, building regulators and electrical safety regulators are coordinating the safety recall. To date, 27 suppliers have announced recalls of Infinity cables. In August 2015, NSW Fair Trading issued a mandatory recall notice under the NSW electrical safety regulations to a further 25 suppliers.

Electrocution and fire dangers from faulty cables:
Infinity and Olsent-branded Infinity cables failed to meet electrical safety standards due to poor quality insulation (plastic coating). Testing found the insulation on the ‘TPS’ and ‘orange round’ range of cables will become brittle prematurely, which may present a safety hazard if the cables are disturbed and the insulation breaks. Cables exposed to prolonged high temperatures will degrade at a faster rate.

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For more information visit the ACCC website here. 

Source: ACCC