How To Simplify Your Life With Smart Home Technology


Modern, web-connected technology gives you the chance to truly make the most of your home, seamlessly integrating your devices and appliances to give you effortless, central control.

This is the ‘smart’ or ‘automated’ home, and it will simplify your life while saving you energy and money in several areas.


Imagine optimising your home conditions while out of the house according to the changing weather. The moment you step through the door, you sense your preferred dimly-lit interior and an inviting cool climate after a hot day. Equally, put your whole home ‘to bed’ with the push of a button, adjusting ambient lighting and temperature to the rhythm of the evening.

Instead of setting the temperature via a thermostat, you can use remote control to fine-tune different areas of your home to a specific temperature. Once the system builds up a picture of where you spend most of your time, you can also choose to significantly start lowering your energy bills by heating, cooling and lighting the unoccupied spaces less, while real-time malfunction alerts mean you can react to repair things faster and prevent further problems arising.


One-stop remote control and voice technologies mean simplified access to home media. De-stress by cueing your favourite tracks and set the desired mood before you get home, or structure your kids’ screen time, ensuring they have access to TV and gaming only when needed (after their homework!).

Dinner party? Prepare the kitchen in advance by preheating the oven remotely while you’re at the store, or set the pool temperature for that after-dinner dip.


By incorporating security and surveillance functions into your smart home, you can get real peace of mind. You can connect motion detectors and cameras to monitor from your phone, or automate door locks to either fully secure your home while you sleep or are away, or provide entry to designated people.

Security alerts can also be tied into a professional security management service, so you know your home is physically checked even if you’re on the other side of the planet.

Control & Interaction

The real excitement about the smart connected technologies is the way they will let you understand your home. Knowing you have control over exactly how you want your conditions to be means you will interact more to increase your comfort level, while that understanding will reveal where you’ve been wasting energy and losing money.

Living smart means realising the benefits of the web and the way it connects our different devices to expand our options for comfort and convenience. The way you want to configure those options is up to you; the potential is booming as more and more technology hits the marketplace that is ready to help you live the way you want.

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