Why Your Business Should Consider Going Solar...


Taking your business solar can have a hugely positive long-term impact on much more than just your electricity bills.

As a business, you will also be reducing your costs and may be eligible to receive government payments for the electricity you generate and don’t use as well as tax advantages.

Government rebates

According to QLD Government, if your business’s monthly electricity bill sits around $2,000 - $5,000, you could save in excess of $7,000 per year in electricity by making the move to solar energy. You can also use the Solar Cost Calculator [click here] to get a better idea of your eligibility and suitability. We recommend checking out the calculator - you might be surprised!

Bill savings

Concerned your business is too small for solar to be beneficial? Even businesses with electricity bills less than $2,000 per month have found significant savings by switching to solar, with local network operators such as Ergon Energy or Energex catering options for businesses large and small as the demand for flexibility and customisation in solutions increases.

Corporate responsibility

With a new-age world of consumers supporting businesses committed to sustainable energy practices, changing your electricity to a solar powered system can help to ensure your business is taking its corporate responsibility seriously.

Sustainability for future generations

In the last 5 years alone, the solar industry has seen an increase of demand from homes to businesses,along with solar technology becoming “smarter” through the use of integration amongst every day living and the continuous (and fast!) evolution of maximising value for energy.  It’s no surprise that we are increasingly seeing businesses of all sizes embracing the opportunity to future-proof their businesses whilst simultaneously promoting sustainable energy use practices for generations to come.

Ehlerth Electrical can help by providing expert advice and consultations individual to your company to assess suitability for installing solar to your business and an honest opinion on if making the switch would be advantageous to your company. Contact us today by clicking here!

[source: www.business.qld.gov.au]